26 május, 2010

Being a creative blogger again

Hazatérve a francia fővárosból ismét meglepetés várt rám a blogon :) A világ másik végéről, Ausztráliából Belinda ajándékozott meg a Kreatív Blogger díjjal :) Nagyon-nagyon köszönöm!

Mivel a magyarországi ajándékozási láncban már volt szerencsém kifejteni azt a hét dolgot, amit fontosnak tartok magamról, úgy döntöttem, ezúttal összefoglalom őket angolul, illetve továbbítani is külföldi kedvenceimnek fogom :)

While I was away on a trip in the French capital city, Paris, Belinda surprised me with the Creative Blogger Award. I was extremely pleased to find her comment about it in my blog and now I'm happy to reveal the seven things I consider the most important about me.

1. First and foremost, I belong to the optimistic part of the world. It took quite a while, though, to learn how to follow the positive attitude to life.

2. The three things I find the most important in a relationship are honesty, trustfulness and faith.

3. I’m mad about travelling and hiking. As I have already mentioned, I have just arrived back from a short trip in Paris :) It was absolutely amazing!

I also love sunshine, the glittering blue of the sea, the snowy mountain peaks…
However, I hate mass tourism so I never go to places which are trendy.

In my opinion the best-ever places in the world are Rome and Corsica.

4. I used to live in London, Atlanta and New York. These periods of my life were full of fun and enjoyment, however, I would never leave my home country again. I would miss my family, my friends and actually everything around me.

5. I love having a cup of coffee latte in cafés while chatting with my friends. Starbucks is my old-time favourite :)

6. My goddaughter makes me the happiest nowadays. She is only three years old but I think she is the cutest girl in the world :) - I know I’m a little bit partial towards her :)

7. And finally I'll let you know about my other addiction. It's doing jigsaw puzzles. They are not only challenging but also make me relaxed and calm.

Well, it's time now to pick those who I would like to award with this prize. I wish I could give it back to Belinda, because I really think she is one of the most talented beader. However, I don't think I'm allowed to do it :(
So, the other favourit artists who I admire are

Girls! The jewels you can create from beads are fantastic! Congratulations!!!

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Anikó - Gyöngyszerelem írta...

Szia-szia Drága! Megérkeztél?! Üdvözöllek újra itthon! Remélem, hogy majd mesélsz nekem! :)

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Cyndi írta...

Oh Niki, thank you so much! That is so sweet of you. I am leaving for vacation tomorrow, but will post it on my blog while I'm gone!

Thank you for thinking of me! :o)



NoNa9 írta...

muchas gracias!!! thank you very much!